2019-2020 ROOTS Spikeball Roundnet League

We are so excited to announce our 2019-2020 Spikeball Roundnet League! The league is open to all ROOTS members and is the primary benefit of joining the club (in addition to our awesome jerseys of course). Annual club dues cover participation in the roundnet league for both the Fall and Spring Splits. Here’s the breakdown of the league schedule:

Fall Split:

8/29-10/29: Fall Split Regular Season

11/7-12/5: Fall Split Playoffs

Spring SPlit:

2/6-4/9: Spring Split Regular Season

4/16-5/7: Spring Split Playoffs

ROOTS Champions tournament:

5/17: Roots Champions Tournament

At the end of the fall split, the top 6 teams will be awarded champion points. These champion points will carry over to the spring split and be added to points awarded at the end of spring split. The top finisher in spring will auto qualify for the Champions Tournament. The second and third place teams, the teams with the most champion points, will also qualify for the Champions Tournament. The Champions tournament will then feature the top 3 teams from each ROOTS hub. At the end of the day we will crown a ROOTS champion which will take home not just glory, but also a trophy as well as cash and prizes.

In addition, we’ll be recording games and tracking each players stats. These stats will be uploaded to our website under the members portal so that each player has a player profile and statistics. Almost like having your very own digital roundnet trading card.

The league, both fall and spring splits, is 100% covered by ROOTS annual dues. Our annual dues are $100 for a partial membership and $200 for a full membership. To sign up, click on the “Become a Member” button on the top banner! Once you’ve become a member, click the button below to sign up for the league!

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Savannah hub League Announcement Coming Soon!