Introducing ROOTS!

Do you play roundnet? Do you live in the South(east)? If your answers are yes, then ROOTS is for you! The brainchild of Harding Brumby of Savannah and Jonathan Conrady of Atlanta, the Roundnet Organization of the South aspires to encourage and facilitate growth in talent and playerbase throughout the South. The organization will offer structured roundnet education and play that can bring together amateurs and pros alike.

To combat the distance separating many of the top roundnet players in the Southeast, the club will be organized into hubs representing their local communities. These hubs will play and train together and then send their top talents to represent them to the rest of the ROOTS club. With tight-knit communities already existing in Atlanta, Savannah, and Chattanooga, the organization will open with hubs in these three cities and look to expand to other high potential communities throughout the region. If you feel your community of ballers should form a ROOTS hub, please get in touch with us!

In order to facilitate a rising level of talent in our region, ROOTS will be putting on clinics run by the Southeaset pros, organizing league play in each hub, hosting tournaments throughout the year, and supporting member travel to our Southern Series events. We also have a great line up of ROOTS gear to build and support pride and excitement for our region.

We are so excited to officially announce our club and can’t wait to kick off our first year in August with our King of the Hill style tournament hosted by Georgia Tech!