The ROOTS Experience


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ROOTS is a close-knit community that is centered around playing roundnet together. The core of ROOTS is our league play. During the season, each ROOTS hub hosts a league that plays every other week. The top teams are invited to a tournament to face off against the top teams from other ROOTS hubs and eventually a champion is crowned.

ROOTS also hosts clinics which are free for members to attend. Pros from all around the Southeast will gather to demonstrate skills, drills, and techniques.

Of course no roundnet organization would be complete without a tour series, and ROOTS is proud to present the Southern Series. Members are encouraged to attend the tour stops and are provided with gas stipends to help ease the burden of travel to these events.

Spikeball Roundnet League Info!


Southern Series 2019

Gainsville, FL; Savannah, GA; Columbia, SC; Chattanooga, TN; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; Atlanta, GA.

The 2019 Southern Series takes us all across the Southeast. Rankings and points, as well as prizes, are up for grabs. Don’t miss out!


Get your own spikeball set

Though you don’t need to own a set to join the club or attend tour stops, you might want to consider picking up your own Spikeball set to improve your game and teach your friends! Check out everything Spikeball has to offer at the link below.